Sunday, October 12, 2014

Steelers Game 6 Recap - Browns 31, Steelers 10

This was just a pretty bad football game all the way around. I wouldn't say the Steelers lost to a bad football team because the Browns can play some pretty good football but the manner in which the Steelers lost the game and were just outright dominated by Cleveland leaves you wondering if another 8-8 or worse season is all but inevitable.

Really nothing went right. The Steelers defense played pretty well in the first quarter and it would have been a great time for the Steelers offense to put up some points and maybe make the Browns feel the pressure. All that happened was the Steelers got a field goal in the red zone and they wouldn't score again until late in the fourth quarter. Just a dismal effort by the offense against a bad defense and really is what led to the loss.

While the Steelers were busy not scoring points the Browns were busy scoring points.

The Steelers had no answers for the Cleveland offense and they couldn't do anything offensively. The Browns didn't really do much defensively but the Steelers were dropping passes and missing targets and not hitting the hole and just generally looking awful.

Ben Roethlisberger did not look good throwing the football as he barely completed 50% of his passes and didn't even get over five yards per pass attempt. I don't think he had a lot of help but when the Steelers run game doing a pretty decent job you have to make something happen through the air. It is a passing league and when you can't pass it's going to be next to impossible to win.

Antonio Brown had a nice day with seven catches for 118 yards and Le'Veon Bell carried the ball 18 times for 82 yards so there were some positive plays around. That was about it though. It was a really bad day for the Steelers.

I will just end it with the Steelers drive chart:

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