Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Penguins Extend Marc-Andre Fleury

I am way late on this but earlier today this news dropped:

As you can imagine this lead to some joy and anger amongst Penguins fans. Well, the anger pretty much outweighed the joy, which is pretty much as expected. Marc-Andre Fleury is a polarizing figure

At first I wasn't overly excited about the deal. The term and the money really wasn't something I was all too excited about, but the more I thought about it the more sense it made. The four years still isn't ideal and I think it is probably a year too long but the money is right about where it should be.

When the deal kicks in for MAF next season he will rank 13th among all goaltenders in terms of cap hit after ranking 15th in the league with his current cap hit. Here is a look at the list via CapGeek:

MAF has widely been regarded as an average goaltender and he is going to be paid right around the middle of the pack. Not sure where the problem is here. There are some guys on that list who aren't overly good getting paid more than MAF. This is what the market is.

Of course all this changes with a good or bad playoff run this year but that would have put the Penguins in a really tough spot. There really isn't a guy in the Penguins system that they can turn to if they were to trade or let MAF walk and even the free agent market is pretty dry so this was the best of all possible outcomes, in my mind.

Again I am not thrilled about the fourth year but all-in-all this is a very workable deal. Good for MAF and good for the Penguins.

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