Monday, November 10, 2014

Steelers Game 10 Recap - Jets 20, Steelers 13


The score at the end of the game said 20-13 but it was more like 56-3. The Steelers came in and laid a massive egg and the Jets took advantage of it. Coming into the game the Jets forced three turnovers all season, yesterday they created three turnovers.

During the Steelers three game winning streak they were forcing turnovers and making opposing defenses look foolish with their dangerous passing offense and strong offensive line play. All those things were nowhere to be found. The game was close but it was never close. If it wasn't Ben Roethlisberger badly under throwing passes it was always reliable Shaun Suisham missing a 26 yard field goal in the fourth quarter that would have made it a two score game with a lot of time left. Just a brutal game.

In the preview I said that if the Steelers wanted to be considered a true contender (in whatever scenario you want them contending in) then they needed to beat the Jets by double-digits. The Steelers folded. This isn't anything new though...


Roethlisberger wasn't good despite a decent stat line (30-43, 343 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT) but he never looked to be in a rhythm all day. Antonio Brown made eight catches for 74 yards but he had two fumbles and a pretty good Steelers run attack was held to just 36 yards on 17 carries. Le'Veon Bell had all 36 of those yards.

The defense gave up big plays early and while they weren't helped out by three early game turnovers they still couldn't get a stop on third down. That being said the defense didn't do a terrible job over the rest of the game. After the first quarter the Steelers gave up only 66 total yards. Each of the Jets first two drives surpassed their yardage total from the last three quarters of the game. They made it hold up.

It is frustrating because the Jets aren't good. They do have a good front-seven but their pass defense is pretty atrocious. The Steelers could not take advantage. They didn't score a touchdown until it was too late (1:11 left in the game on an 80 yard Martavis Bryant catch and run) and after scoring over 90 points in the previous two games it is really frustrating and confusing on how the Steelers can't make SOMETHING happen.

I have no idea what to expect next week. Tennessee is 2-7 and while they are struggling big time it doesn't seem to matter as the Steelers do a great job at playing to the competition. A loss here would be just devastating, not that this week wasn't.

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