Friday, November 14, 2014

Steelers Game 11 Preview - @ Tennessee Titans

Last week I talked about how the Steelers were coming off a really big win over the Ravens. They were in a stretch of winning their last three games and beating some good teams like the Colts and Ravens. Things seemed to be turning a corner for the Steelers and we were getting to the point where you could maybe talk about them as one of the best teams in the AFC. They were going up against a bad Jets team and in the back of my mind I thought about how awful they have been against bad teams and it was always a possibility that they lost that game. I didn't think they would, but they proved me wrong.

This week it is another bad team. Tennessee might not be as bad as the Jets, in my opinion, but they are still a pretty bad team that has only won two games on the season and one of those wins was against a pretty bad Jaguars team. Other than that win against Jacksonville you have to go back to week one to see their last win. Again, this is a game the Steelers should win by double-digits. If they want to make a serious push at winning the AFC North and being a serious contender in the AFC they have to win this game. They have to beat bad teams. They haven't been able to do that in the recent past but that needs to stop now.

Lets look at the Titans.

Here are the numbers for the Titans offense:

The Titans offense ranks 23rd in the league with an overall DVOA of -8.0% that includes a passing game that is ranked 21st in the league (3.7% DVOA) while the rushing game ranks 18th (-7.2% DVOA)


Zach Mettenberger
Completions: 45
Attempts: 73
Completion %: 61.6%
Yards: 495
YPA: 6.8
TD: 3
INT: 3
DVOA: -30.3%
DYAR: -94
QBR: 24.8


Bishop Sankey
Attempts: 91
Yards: 357
Average: 3.9
Touchdowns: 1
DVOA: 3.4% (16th)
DYAR: 42 (18th)
Success Rate: 48% (17th)

Shonn Greene
Attempts: 49
Yards: 199
Average: 4.1
Touchdowns: 1
DVOA: -15.8%
DYAR: -14


Delanie Walker
Receptions: 38
Targets: 64
Yards: 512
Average: 13.5
Touchdowns: 4
DVOA: 4.2% (18th among TE)
DYAR: 46 (15th among TE)
Catch Rate: 60%

Kendall Wright
Receptions: 39
Targets: 60
Yards: 403
Average: 10.3
Touchdowns: 4
DVOA: 10.3% (55th)
DYAR: 11 (55th)
Catch Rate: 65%

Justin Hunter
Receptions: 21
Targets: 51
Yards: 368
Average: 17.5
Touchdowns: 2
DVOA: -6.9% (52nd)
DYAR: 23 (54th)
Catch Rate: 42%

Offensive Line
Adjusted Line Yards: 3.90 (20th)
Power Success: 69% (12th)
Stuffed %: 14% (3rd)

Rushing Frequency:
Left End: 11% (3.85 ALY, 17th)
Left Tackle: 14% (4.33 ALY, 9th)
Middle/Guard: 62% (3.98 ALY, 17th)
Right Tackle: 8% (3.89 ALY, 20th)
Right End: 5% (1.80 ALY, 29th)

Here is a look at the Titans Defense. They rank 27th overall in terms of DVOA at 8.5% while they rank 21st in pass defense (12.8%) and 31st in rushing defense (4.1%).

Here are some of the statistical leaders for the defense:

Michael Griffin
Total Tackles: 63
Solo Tackles: 47
Sacks: 3.0
Passes Defended: 2
Interceptions: 2

Wesley Woodyard
Total Tackles: 58
Solo Tackles: 34
Sacks: 1.0
Passes Defended: 3
Interceptions: 2

Jason McCourty
Total Tackles: 47
Solo Tackles: 42
Sacks: 0.0
Passes Defended: 8
Interceptions: 2

Jurrell Casey
Total Tackles: 37
Solo Tackles: 24
Sacks: 4.0
Passes Defended: 0
Interceptions: 0

Blidi Wreh-Wilson
Total Tackles: 47
Solo Tackles: 41
Sacks: 0.0
Passes Defended: 8
Interceptions: 1

Here is a look at the Jets special teams


Ryan Succop
Field Goals Attempted: 13
Field Goals Made: 11
Long: 47
1-19: 0-0
20-29: 2-2
30-39: 5-5
40-49: 4-6
50+: 0-0
Extra Points: 15-15


Brett Kern
Punts: 49
Yards: 2,292
Average: 46.8
Long: 69
Inside 20: 14
Touchback: 5
Fair Catch: 13
Average Return Against: 6.5


Leon Washington
Kick Return Attempts: 17
Kick Return Yards: 376
Kick Return Average: 22.1
Kick Return Long: 50
Kick Return TD: 0

Dexter McCluster
Punt Return Attempts: 13
Punt Return Yards: 95
Punt Return Average: 7.3
Punt Return Long: 48
Punt Return TD: 0

Prediction: Steelers 27, Titans 16

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