Saturday, December 6, 2014

Steelers Game 13 Preview - @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Steelers really laid an egg last week against New Orleans. While it was a dreadful game to watch as a fan in the overall feel of the season it is about par for the course. The good thing is that the rest of the division was pretty awful last week and while the Bengals won and still control first place in the division the Steelers have two games remaining against them so in essence they control their own destiny. That destiny begins on Sunday with the first of two meets against the Bengals over the last five games.

The Bengals have been like the Steelers with an up and down season that even includes a tie. While Andy Dalton got a big contract he has pretty the definition of average and while their offensive stars like A.J. Green getting hurt and missing time and top running back Giovani Bernard missing games with injuries they have still found a way to win five of their last six games.

Lets look at the Bengals.

Here are the numbers for the Bengals offense:

The Bengals offense ranks 15th in the league with an overall DVOA of -2.5% that includes a passing game that is ranked 20th in the league (8.2% DVOA) while the rushing game ranks 21st (-4.8% DVOA)


Andy Dalton
Completions: 230
Attempts: 365
Completion %: 63%
Yards: 2,589
YPA: 7.1
TD: 13
INT: 13
DVOA: -5.4% (27th)
DYAR: 138 (24th)
QBR: 53.5 (24th)


Jeremy Hill
Attempts: 144
Yards: 683
Average: 4.7
Touchdowns: 6
DVOA: 8.0% (11th)
DYAR: 103 (10th)
Success Rate: 56% (4th)

Giovani Bernard
Attempts: 136
Yards: 540
Average: 4.0
Touchdowns: 5
DVOA: -10.7% (26th)
DYAR: -12 (26th)
Success Rate: 40% (29th)


Mohamed Sanu
Receptions: 51
Targets: 89
Yards: 738
Average: 14.5
Touchdowns: 5
DVOA: -1.7% (37th)
DYAR: 77 (37th)
Catch Rate: 57%

A.J. Green
Receptions: 45
Targets: 73
Yards: 686
Average: 15.2
Touchdowns: 5
DVOA: 13.2% (20th)
DYAR: 152 (22nd)
Catch Rate: 62%

Jermaine Gresham
Receptions: 47
Targets: 62
Yards:  355
Average: 7.6
Touchdowns: 2
DVOA: -28.0% (35th among TE)
DYAR: -82 (40th among TE)
Catch Rate: 76%

Offensive Line
Adjusted Line Yards: 3.90 (19th)
Power Success: 69% (10th)
Stuffed %: 16% (6th)

Rushing Frequency:
Left End: 11% (3.93 ALY, 13th)
Left Tackle: 13% (3.01 ALY, 31st)
Middle/Guard: 55% (3.93 ALY, 21st)
Right Tackle: 13% (4.67 ALY, 4th)
Right End: 8% (3.81 ALY, 16th)

Here is a look at the Bengals Defense. They rank 17th overall in terms of DVOA at 0.7% while they rank 9th in pass defense (-1.5%) and 32nd in rushing defense (3.2%).

Here are some of the statistical leaders for the defense:

Emmanuel Lamur
Total Tackles: 84
Solo Tackles: 49
Sacks: 0.0
Passes Defended: 7
Interceptions: 2

Vincent Rey
Total Tackles: 82
Solo Tackles: 41
Sacks: 0.0
Passes Defended: 3
Interceptions: 0

Carlos Dunlap
Total Tackles: 52
Solo Tackles: 32
Sacks: 6.0
Passes Defended: 3
Interceptions: 0

Reggie Nelson
Total Tackles: 78
Solo Tackles: 50
Sacks: 1.5
Passes Defended: 9
Interceptions: 2

George Iloka
Total Tackles: 56
Solo Tackles: 38
Sacks: 0.0
Passes Defended: 9
Interceptions: 3

Here is a look at the Bengals special teams


Mike Nugent
Field Goals Attempted: 25
Field Goals Made: 19
Long: 49
1-19: 0-0
20-29: 5-5
30-39: 7-9
40-49: 7-9
50+: 0-2
Extra Points: 27-27


Kevin Huber
Punts: 56
Yards: 2,661
Average: 47.5
Long: 69
Inside 20: 24
Touchback: 4
Fair Catch: 12
Average Return Against: 5.2


Adam Jones
Kick Return Attempts: 19
Kick Return Yards: 596
Kick Return Average: 31.4
Kick Return Long: 97
Kick Return TD: 0
Punt Return Attempts: 19
Punt Return Yards: 223
Punt Return Average: 11.7
Punt Return Long: 47
Punt Return TD: 0

Prediction: Steelers 24, Bengals 21


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